For the school to succeed its mission and to insure continuous cooperation from the hosting school students will be supervised by parents during the school day according to a schedule prepared by the supervision committee.

During the school year, we urge parents and supervisors to consider and comply with the following points:

  • Be on time for arrival and dismissal of classes.
  • Students should keep the school and classrooms clean.
  • Presence in the gymnasium is ONLY permitted wearing sports shoes or socks. Winter boots are forbidden in the gym.
  • Foods and beverages are allowed ONLY in the cafeteria.
  • Students should not be sent to school if they are sick with a contagious disease, and that, to protect the other student.
  • Inform the school immediately if your child will be absent.
  • All student belongings (books, exercise books, school bags, clothes…) should be identified by the student’s name. That will make it easy to recognize them if they are lost.
  • Give importance to the school letters or bulletins sent to parents with their children.
  • Attend the periodic meetings organized to discuss the curriculum, students progress, or subjects of importance to the school present and future.
  • Inform the school administration of any accident, misbehavior, or infraction of the rules to take the necessary actions.

In case of class cancellation due to snow storms or other reasons (power outage, strike…) the school will advise you by phone. Accordingly, please advise the school immediately of any change in address or phone number.